Job Creation and Your Visa

Western Energy invests in high job creation projects within rural Targeted Employment Areas (TEA) in the USA.  Western Energy projects have very high job creation buffer -- providing investors with solid base to receive EB-5 visas.

Why can investors feel confident they will receive their permanent visas?


Key Questions on Job Creation


How does the USCIS ‘count’ job creation for Western Energy Regional Center?
  • Using an economic model developed by industry-leading economist firm, Wright Johnson, USCIS will calculate the direct and indirect jobs created in WERC through measuring the company’s economic impact
  • USCIS’ inputs to measure economic impact are investment and revenue
What is the job creation expectation?
  • Western Energy Regional Center aims to create enough jobs to greatly exceed USCIS' requirements for EB-5 job creation
  • Job Creation Buffer is substantial
How much of the job creation requirement is covered by Investment?
  • All of the required job creation is driven by Investment
How will WERC ensure Investment levels are sufficient to create the intended jobs?
  • Investment decisions are controlled by WERC and are not subject to market conditions or other external factors
  • WERC will combine EB-5 capital with co-investment capital and re-invested profits.  All investment (whether EB-5 or not) ‘counts’ toward USCIS job creation calculations
How does WERC address the risk to job creation that all their wells may not deliver intended amount of oil and gas?
  • Oil development activity will focus on Proven (1P) reserves
  • WERC intends to develop a portfolio of wells
  • All of the required job creation is driven by Investment -- which is under control of WERC investment team